Getting motorbike insurance quotes may seem easy as there are dozens of companies offering low rates. In fact, because of the high competition they even offer customers great discounts and other promos. But before you rush out to the nearest insurance company and bite their bait, you must prepare yourself because no matter how much they entice you with super low quotes, it won’t be final until they assess you first. During this assessment, you must certainly be honest and get your facts straight. Remember, you want the insurance company to give you their best rates and to get value for your money and not pay for things you really don’t need. So being smart means being prepared. So to get the absolute best insurance quotes you must do careful research and take a lot of things into consideration. These tips will help you prepare yourself with all the knowledge you can so you can get the best motorbike insurance quotes.

First you must consider your motorbike. How old is it? When did you buy it and for how much? If your motorbike is new and expensive, in the case of any accidents, it will cost the insurance company a lot more to replace your motorbike. Therefore, your insurance premium will be considerably higher if you own a brand new, top of the line and costly motorbike. Also, did you modify your bike in any way? If so, it will also raise your premium higher since your motorbike becomes more costly due to the added modifications.

You may not realize it, but how fast your motorbike goes also affects your motorbike insurance quote. Bigger engines on your motorbike means that your motorbike has more power. In effect, you will be zooming down the road in much higher speeds and therefore, you become more prone to accidents on the road. So if this is your first motorbike and you don’t want to get a high insurance quote, buy a motorbike with a smaller engine because the accident risks go down with smaller engines.

You must also consider your age and experience in driving. Obviously, a clean driving record and a lot of driving experience will put you in a better position to get better motorbike insurance quotes. But no need to worry if you do have a few stains on your record or if you are a beginner in driving. Lots of insurance companies may tell you to take a driver safety education class. If you do well here, then they may give you better motorbike insurance quotes.

Wearing the right safety equipment will also increase your chances of getting the best motorbike insurance quotes. Aside from the all too important helmet, check with your insurance company on what other equipment they consider best at keeping you free from accidents. If you carry passengers with you, make sure that they too wear the proper equipment. It is a known fact that most motorbike accidents on the road come from their passengers. Needless to say, by following these easy tips, you will have a greater chance for getting the best motorbike insurance quotes.

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