The purpose of this article is to help you understand how you can make money buying and selling cars. It can be easy for you to make money, however it does require a little hard work and determination.

With the economy being the way it is right know, this could be an excellent opportunity for you to earn some extra cash on the side. You probably have seen a lot of cars on the side of the road or parked in the lots of gas stations for sale on a regular basis.

Have you ever wondered if those people were buying and selling cars for profit or if they were owners? Chances are they probably were from someone trying to make some money buying other peoples cars and selling them for profit.

First of all you must check the state laws of which you reside in, as you are only able to sell a certain amount of cars for profit without a dealer’s licenses. The state can and will track the amount of vehicles that are registered in your name that have been sold. You must do this before you start selling cars. You don’t want legal ramifications to come back to haunt you later.

With that being said, I now what to show you how you to make money buying and selling cars.

The first step is to check the and sites like this see what’s in demand. Don’t forget to check the local classified ads in your newspaper as well. After that you want to see what sells and how fast there selling. Again a great way to do this is to go to type sites and call the owners to see if the cars are still available. You can pretend that you are a customer and want to buy there car. There is no harm in that.

The next step in buying and selling cars is to find out the value of the cars. Now you can go to get a Kelly Blue book value at most of the Discount Auto stores. From there you must do your due diligence and research the cars value that you are interested in buying in selling.

The next step is to find out what your target market is. This is not as hard as it might sound. After you’ve done your research before buying your first car you can to place a classified ad in the paper to see what kind of response you get for several different vehicles.

Just a quick note, you want to change up the pricing and the type of ads you run as well to get a better idea of what price will sell the fastest.

Track your responses. The one with the most vehicle inquires wins. Congratulations! You’ve found your target market.

Now it’s time for the last step. Go out and sell your first car!

In conclusion you from this article should be able to know how to find a car’s value, and see how fast they sell. You should also be able to find out what type of supply and demand you have for your market. Additionally you should be able to find your target market and how to buy and sell a car for profit.

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