For years we were led to believe that cars are safer than motorbikes. However, this statement was created by people involved in the car industry to protect their own interests. It is high time that we open our eyes and see the true: motorbikes are better than cars.

First of all, we should know that riding a motorbike is not dangerous in itself. What makes it dangerous is the fact that cities tend to be packed with cars. Plus, cities are designed for cars, not motorbikes. However, it is not the vehicle itself that is dangerous; it is cars that pose a risk to motorbikes.

Secondly, it should be highlighted the fact that a car is only equipped with one brake, located on the driveshaft. This brake is completely useless under rain conditions; in fact some drivers need over a mile to brake their cars. Motorbikes, on the other hand, count with three brakes, and can come to a total stop in only 100 feet.

The body of a car is made out of aluminum foil, a fact that makes the car completely unstable, and it can easily lose control under certain circumstances. Motorbikes do not have a body, so it is easy to keep them under control, and avoid accidents.

Motorbikes are more economical. There is no parking fee for motorbikes, and road tax is much cheaper for them. Also, in places like London motorbikes do not have to pay for a congestion charge. And talking about congestions, traffic jams are not a problem for motorbikes, since they can easily escape them.

If everybody rode a motorbike, the world would be much safer. Whenever there is a collision between two motorbikes, at the most, people involved in the accident get a broken bone. However, a crash between two cars often results in fatalities.

A car is a deadly weapon, everything about this vehicle was designed to hurt or kill. For example, the glass in a car will explode inwards, in the event of an accident. If something like this happened, the passengers of the vehicles would end up badly hurt and with many cuts on their bodies. Motorbikes do not have any glass, thus there is no danger in this respect.

If you drive a motorbike and get involved in an accident, you will not run the risk of being stuck or trapped in the vehicle like a car driver. There are all sorts of protective gear available for motorbike riders. Also, since motorbike riders are in a higher position than car drivers, they tend to have a better view.

Motorbikes are much cheaper, and run longer than cars. Riders do no assume anything and are extra careful while on the bikes. In addition, motorbikes pollute less than a car. The list of reasons why riding a motorbike is better than driving a car could go on endlessly. It is up to you, to make a wise choice, and decide what you want for your life.

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