Local Car Rental – Top Reasons to Consider Local Car Rental

If you are traveling a certain place, then it would be quite practical to get a local car rental. Here are the top reasons to do so:

1. You can easily evaluate a rental company based on its reputation.

Many believe that the kind of car rental service that you will get will depend much on the type of company that is behind it. If you need to rent a car for travel, then it would be best to choose a local company as you can get numerous benefits from it. One such benefit is that you can easily evaluate a car rental service if located locally. You do not have to go through the bureaucracy practiced by bigger rental cars. That way, your time is also saved.

2. You can fully maximize special car rental deals.

If you consider local car rental, then you can maximize special offers easily. You can get additional discounts that can make your rental bill lower. You can slash off your car hire bill when you rent as a regular customer. You can also get discounts if you avail of season promos.

3. You can save time with a local car rental.

With a local rental car, you do not have to deal long distance. You get what you want, right there and then. You do not have to go through many channels just to take out a specific vehicle that you want. Local rental companies often have very simple rental procedures to give their customers the highest possible level of convenience.

Local car rental is very practical especially if you have no time to actually prepare your trip. You can get deals to be signed off in a matter of minutes without the need to pay for the urgency that you demand.

When it comes to rental car services, whether local or not, it is important to deal with reputable companies which can provide you not just the car you want but also the kind of service you deserve. To check about the various local car rental agencies in your specific area, you can browse online directories or even search for well known rental companies located in the area of interest.

You must also consider various points when going for a local rental company. You must clearly understand the terms of agreement. Doing this can save you money and also save you from a lot of surprise clauses that tend to cause delay as well as headaches. Before you sign any type of rental contract, check the details written and stipulated. It is better to ask a lot of questions before you get yourself committed to pay the rental fee than complaining after the service has been used.

For instance, check what insurances cover or if the company offers added services like roadside assistance. When reserving or booking a car online, it is also important to check if the site used is secure. This can help you process your booking without putting your financial or personal information at risk.

How to Choose a Good Car Rental Provider

Renting a car can be a great way to get transportation when you do not have it available to you already. A lot of people will fly to the airport closest to their destination but will need to rent a car to get to their actual destination. While this is a great service being provided, some rental car companies are not great as others, but how do you know which ones are the best? What do you need to look out for when researching rental car companies?

Plog research implemented their American Traveler Survey which, Travel and Leisure magazine utilized their reader’s poll and J.D Power and Associates used a survey. All three of these resources have found that Hertz is the car rental company favored the most followed by Avis and then National. Many fans of Hertz say that they always get a low mileage car and great personal service. Fans of Avis love the fact that they usually always get a new car that is always clean, backed by great prices and wonderful people. Many people like National because they allow you to pick whichever car you want within the class-range you chose without charging you extra for it.

Those three car rental companies have ranked top notch against others because of how great and efficient they operate their business; they keep their customers happy and coming back. Great customer service, newer cars with low mileage, location, and rates are all factors that determine whether or not a car rental company is good. Great customer service and smiling representatives always make customers feel a little better because of all the positive energy and lack of negative service. Whenever you come across bad service at a car rental company, it makes you not want to come back because they make you feel as though you are doing something wrong when you rent a car. Having a newer fleet of cars boasting low mileage is important to because you do not want to have an old, high-mileage car that acts it’s age, having mechanical flaws and even breaking down. You, like most people will naturally want the cheapest rates you can get, but where some companies have cheap rates, they find small and menial things to charge you for after you have the car. A lot of companies will do whatever they can to make a few extra bucks, you must be aware of all the company’s guidelines so that you do not have some random hidden fees creep up on you.

If you are planning on renting a car then you must do your research first. Consumer surveys and other resources have shown that Payless, Enterprise and Dollar all rank poorly among other car rental companies, but some people will tell you that they have had positive experiences from those companies; it just depends on the particular company. Naturally though, all of the car rental companies that you always hear about that are award-winning and offer full service will be more expensive. That is why it is important to do your research of all the car rental companies available to you, that way you can ensure that you get the best rates, service and overall experience

Get Better Deals With Weekly Car Rentals

Did you know that you can almost always get a better deal by selecting a weekly car rental rather than several days? This is frequently true and your car rental agent may not tell you about the money you can save by taking this option.

Let’s say that you need to rent a car for a trip, either business or leisure, where you pick up the car on a Sunday night or Monday morning and will be returning the car sometime on Friday of the same week. You may look at the rates for the rental and base your decision in large part based on the daily rental rate for a five day rental. This is a very typical scenario that many people use for both business and pleasure trips.

But in that example, it is definitely worth asking what the WEEKLY car rental rate would be. What you will find a great deal of the time is that a weekly rate on the same car class would be as much as 25% to 30% less than the rate you would pay based on a daily rate for five days.

You should also always ask about specials or promotions that the car rental agency may have going on. For example, a typical agency may quote you say $200 for a weekly rate on an intermediate size car, but based on a promotion they are running that month, you may be able to get a full size car or even an SUV for about the same price. Wouldn’t it be nice to be driving an SUV at the same price you were willing to pay for a much smaller intermediate car? Or maybe for the same price you could be upgraded to a full size car that has a GPS built in.

To save even more money on a weekly car rental, you probably do not want to take the insurance that will almost certainly be offered to you. The agent may even try to “scare” you into taking the insurance they offer, citing how much you will have to pay if you are in an accident, even if that accident is determined to be not your fault. For the most part, this insurance can add as much as $10 to $20 per day to your car rental. Check with the insurance company you use for your own personal car, because in most cases that same policy will cover you in a rental vehicle. Definitely take the time to check with your current insurance company to verify this.

One last tip to save money on a car rental is to allocate enough time to fill the car up with gas before you return it. Most agencies offer a “fuel option” but what happens is that this assumes that the tank is going to be virtually DRY at the time you return it, and that is rarely the case, so what happens is that you have pre-paid for fuel that you did not use. Never allow the car rental agency to fill the car with gas because they typically charge as much as $6 per gallon or even more if they have to do it.

Weekly car rentals can be very cost effective and it is definitely worth checking out your options if you are planning to rent a car for several days.

Choosing the Best Car Rental Service

There are many different reasons why people choose to rent a car. It could be because they are on an out-of town or out-of-country trip and need a means of transportation for a certain period of time. It could also be because their cars are being repaired and need another car replacement for short period of time. Whatever the reasons are for hiring or renting a vehicle, often the a main concern for these users is how to select the best car rental company among the numerous agencies available.

In leasing for a vehicle, one always try to get the best possible car at a great price. Start by outlining the budget on car rental. It is best to allot a certain amount that may be slightly over than what is actually needed to be prepared for whatever may come up. Then set out and determine the kind of car is needed. An in-depth information about the car to be rented is very important. Good gas mileage is also a key element in choosing the right car. Be sure to know and remember that trucks, sport utility vehicles and other large cars may be appealing for their capacity or appearance but these car types eat a lot of fuel on the road. The number of passengers needed for the car may also play an important role in deciding which car to rent as to its seating capacity. The make of the car must also be taken into consideration in choosing a car. A sleek car may have a higher chance of breaking down if taken to a rough road or area when it is only suitable in a smooth road or freeway drive. Various cars should be examined for quality to choose the best possible car.

Next step is to look for is the car rental company. This part may prove to be hard as one may search the yellow pages and internet and be lost with the abundant number of companies offering car rental services. It is a must, especially for first time users of car rental agencies, to pick a reputable if not large rental company to assure the user there are no tricks in the deal and that the cars are in good running condition. In an online shopping for car rentals, the user or shopper may find coupons on a particular size and kind of car. These coupons may be printed out or used directly online to avail a slightly bigger vehicle of the same price. The user may also compare the rates provided by various companies. One company may offer a lower cost than the others but the vehicles are in not so good working condition so one must choose the best practical deal available.

The policy and rental agreement of the company must be read and understood carefully prior to rental to be aware of the rules and their implications. If the rental company and car are already chosen, before leaving the lot or location where the rented car is parked, identify if there are already present scratches or clings. If there are part of the car such as the wind shield wipers, which do not work properly, it would be wise to ask for a replacement.

Long Term Car Rentals Mean Big Time Savings

If you need to rent a car for more than 28 days give or take, you can usually save tremendously on your payments by availing of a long term car rental plan. Long term rentals can be set for 1 to 11 months, each month giving you a certain percentage of savings. The longer the period, the more savings. There are companies that rent out their cars for a minimum of 7 days. This makes sure that the client is already getting the car at a discount off the daily rate.

However there are some rental companies where you can save more by renting for 27 to 28 days rather than for a 30 day period. You need to check out the pricing schemes for long term car rentals and compare them with what you would be paying for the equivalent number of daily rentals to see if you should get the long term car rental from that outfit..

Otherwise, there are more car rental companies that offer savings on the monthly plan rather than on the daily plan. On the internet, there many car rental sites that offer budget discounts for monthly rentals.

Other advantages of long term car rental include not having to return the car every month. All contracts for each of the months you want to use the car are filled out at the start. Some car rental companies, however, will need you to have the car checked up and serviced after some thousands of miles in mileage. You will be billed for each month automatically. Other rental outfits offer airline miles and hotel points to people who rent monthly and join their frequent traveler program. And of course there is the 24 hour emergency service that you can all by hotline anywhere and any time on the road.

Long term car rentals not only give you added savings, but give you the freedom and flexibility that owning your own car gives without the overhead in maintenance and tax worries. If your work finds you far from your home, renting cars on the long term makes more sense than buying a new car for one or two years, having to worry about the maintenance of the car, spending for costly repairs and taxes. Even if you resell your car after one year, you may stand to lose more in depreciation than if you had just gotten a long term car rental plan. Remember, in hard times, fish don’t bite the bait unless the price is really low.

One thing you need to look out for when selecting your car rental company is the fact that some offer your cheap basic rates but will flatten out your budget with the insurance, surcharges and amenities. So before shouting “I’m in!,” make doubly sure if the price you are going to pay covers most, if not all, of the insurance and other miscellaneous fees.